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Anthonox is a gas used worldwide in inhalation anesthesia, a mixture of 50% oxygen gas and 50% nitrous gas.

Licensed by the Syrian Ministry of Health
It was discovered since 1961 by the English scientist Tunstall. Until 1945, the mixture of oxygen and nitrous gas was 20% oxygen, 80% Nitrous and cylinder pressure 48 In 1961, the world published Tunstall an article in which it is possible to mix these gases in equal proportions 50% / 50% and pressure up to 138 bar and without a separation of nitrous gas liquid phase and since then was used in gas anesthesia and has several trade names in Canada It is ALNOX and in France Kalinox and Lindh are named Entonox

Gas features

Anthonox is a gas used worldwide in inhalation anesthesia, a mixture of 50% oxygen gas and 50% nitrous gas. This gas is economically more efficient than the use of nitrous gas and oxygen gas, and is combined with a mixing device which is very expensive and can reach 4000$ The gas is safe, with the testimony of many local, Arab and international doctors, and the Entonox gas is not a modern product. 

Areas of use

Anthonox is a gas used worldwide in inhalation anesthesia

• ميزات التركين الاستنشاقي

• التركين الأسرع
• السرعة في الوصول الى ذروة التأثير
• زمن الإنعاش وهو الأسرع بين طرق التركين الأخرى
• آمن وفعال وغير مكلف نسبيا

• طريقة الحفظ

يحفظ بدرجة حرارة لاتزيد عن 45 ولا تقل عن -5 درجة --تحفظ بعيدا عن الشحوم والزيوت

• أنواع العبوات

  • عبوة غاز الأنتونيكس سعة 20 لتر وضغط 100 بار تعمل بسريان 5لتر/دقيقة تعمل لمدة 10 ساعات عمل وهي تكفي لـ (50) مريض بمعدل 10 دقائق لكل مريض
  • عبوة غاز الأوكسجين سعة 10 لتر وضغط 100 بار

• جهاز الأنتونيكس

يتكون جهاز الأنتونيكس من عبوتين غاز الأنتونيكس سعة العبوة الواحدة 20 لتر بالاضافة إلى عبوة أوكسجين سعة 10 لتر بالاضافة إلى فلومتر سريان طبي عدد(2) بالاضافة إلى ثلاثة أنواع من الماسكات (كبير-وسط-صغير) تلبي حاجة كافة الأعمار للمرضى بالاضافة إلى جهاز أوكسيمتر

How to use Entonox

inhaling the entonox using a mask or inhaler you carry yourself, and this mask is made of light transparent plastic.
Put the inhaler between your lips or teeth, or put the mask in your face and you must sure the mask close your mouth and nose
Keep this situation as you breathe deeply and regularly.
Keep breathing deeply until you start feeling a little dizzy. Remove the mask or inhaler from your face.
In a few seconds you will return to your normal state again.
Start by inhaling gas the moment you feel the start of the contraction.
Your doctor will guide you and support you at every stage of the birth process.

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