Established in 1993
Afamia Co. For Gases

Afamia Co. For Gases

First gas company get ISO in gas industry since 2007

How to use Entonox

Inhaling the entonox using a mask or inhaler you carry yourself, and this mask is made of light transparent plastic.
Put the inhaler between your lips or teeth, or put the mask in your face and you must sure the mask close your mouth and nose
Keep this situation as you breathe deeply and regularly.

Our Services

We produce and market the medical & industrial gases. We promote and market the cutting tools, welding and contracting works. On demand, we mix two gases or more in an extreme accuracy to check its purity.

Gas production and marketing

The Afamia Gases Company has been certified by ISO 9001 since 2007 and the company is currently working on producing Antonox gas. The Afamia Gas Company is the only company in the Arab region that produces this gas and has a health license for all of its products

Mix all types of gases

Our long experience in the field of mixing and producing gases and the craftsmanship of workers in our laboratories in addition to the latest technology used enables us to mix all types of gases with high accuracy and accurate proportions according to medicine.

Check the gas cylinders

We use reliable technologies to inspect the discs
If necessary, we have special tools for checking the hydraulic gas cylinder according to the regulations used in different regions of the world.

Insurance of various gases

Afamia company is ready to secure different types of gases, such as argon and helium

Maintenance of firefighting equipment

Service and maintenance of firefighting equipment