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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless gas and no odor used by doctors in anesthesia. It is also known as laughing gas and nitrous oxide. It is nice when inhaled, quick and effective. Doctors give oxygen to nitros because the body can not take advantage of the oxygen molecules in the nitros used in surgery and dentistry In 1844, American dentist Horace Wells became the first to use it. He inhaled the gas himself before taking off his tooth. Since then, he has been the first to use nitrosis for the first time since 1772. Yen has become a common oxide Nitrous Oxide use in dentistry has been the adoption of gas Nitrous Oxide by the Health and Drug Administration and the Organization of American food is safe as used in inhalation sedation

physics properties

Chimical formula:N2O
Atomic Weight:44
Boiling Temperature:-88.48
Gas Density:1.8 kg/m3
Liquid Density:1222kg/m3

Uses of nitros

Nitrous oxide is used in dentistry in dentistry and in the alleviation of labor pains and in surgical operations after mixing it with a special device with oxygen and specific rates
- It is the active ingredient that is included in the installation of the gas