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Entonox Gas

Anthonox is a gas used worldwide in inhalation anesthesia, a mixture of 50% oxygen gas and 50% nitrous gas. This gas is economically more efficient than the use of nitrous gas and oxygen gas, and is combined with a mixing device which is very expensive and can reach 4000$ The gas is safe, with the testimony of many local, Arab and international doctors, and the Entonox gas is not a modern product. It was discovered since 1961 by the English scientist Tunstall. Until 1945, the mixture of oxygen and nitrous gas was 20% oxygen, 80% Nitrous and cylinder pressure 48 In 1961, the world published Tunstall an article in which it is possible to mix these gases in equal proportions 50% / 50% and pressure up to 138 bar and without a separation of nitrous gas liquid phase and since then was used in gas anesthesia and has several trade names in Canada It is ALNOX and in France Kalinox and Lindh are named Entonox

Using Entonox in Emergency and Ambulance Cars

Using Entonox in Dental Clinics

One of the features of the entonox gas is that it is safe and eliminates phobia of fear of the dentist's needle because it works on the patient's leukin and eliminates his fear. American dentist Horace Wells was the first to use the anesthetic anesthesia method in 1844 by removing one of his teeth by mixing the nitros with oxygen This gas is accredited by the American and European Health, Food and Drug Administration. In the video, a patient lost all his teeth due to his fear and dislike of the dentist. In the city of Hama, Dr. Renim Juha calmed the patient and repaired all damaged teeth for two and a half hours Using Entonox gas

A patient lost his teeth due to phobia of the dentist

for more information you can call Dr.Renim Juha on this TEL: 03332511818

Entonox gas can also be used with children without any complications. The following video shows the experience of Renim Juha with a child who has a phobia from the dentist

Using Entonox with child

Etonox is released through the lungs and not the liver so it is safe for patients with blood pressure, diabetes and renal insufficiency

Use of Entonox for natural birth without pain


All pregnant women are exposed to labor pains during childbirth, and the intensity of pain may vary from one woman to another according to some factors that affect the delivery process.

And despite the tools used by doctors to reduce the pain of birth in women, but the only thing that was not among these tools in the United States is the gas of anthonox, and is known that this gas has no color and no smell, and used by doctors in anesthesia, It works on a woman's sense of relaxation and calm so called the gas laugh.

Many women in Finland and Canada, as well as in the United States and Australia, benefit from Entonox gas in reducing labor pain. This gas has been adopted by the US Food and Drug Administration as a safe gas for both women and children, The gas through the lungs of the mother and not the liver, so it is not accompanied by the use of damage, but it works to reduce the feeling of pain during childbirth.

How to use Entonox
inhaling the entonox using a mask or inhaler you carry yourself, and this mask is made of light transparent plastic.
Put the inhaler between your lips or teeth, or put the mask in your face and you must sure the mask close your mouth and nose 
Keep this situation as you breathe deeply and regularly.
Keep breathing deeply until you start feeling a little dizzy. Remove the mask or inhaler from your face.
In a few seconds you will return to your normal state again.
Start by inhaling gas the moment you feel the start of the contraction.
Your doctor will guide you and support you at every stage of the birth process.

What are the advantages of entonox
Flexible and fast-acting.
easy to use.
You can control how and when to use it.
Do not interfere directly with your labor.
Do not stay in your body. The gas and air pass through your lungs as soon as you stop inhaling, and any side effects will stop.
It is safe for your child,
Your child does not need to be followed or monitored further when you use them

Using Entonox to reduce pain during Botox and filler injection and laser Treatment